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Graduate Students

The Wireless Institute encourages current and prospective graduate students to explore its numerous opportunities.

Your undergraduate studies exposed you to some compelling aspects of wireless and you are either applying to graduate students or already attending Notre Dame.  We believe the Wireless Institute offers research and educational opportunities that will intrigue you.

Graduate Students in Lab
Graduate students and engineering staff discussing hardware and software aspects of an experimental demonstration of Wireless Institute algorithms.
Our vision is to train graduate students who become experts in one area of wireless, who developing an awareness of the other main areas of wireless, and who gain invaluable real-world experience through corporate and government interactions. For example, an engineering graduate student who aims to create the next big wireless company should be aware of the economic climate and regulatory framework to ensure that her innovations and business plans thrive. The mechanism for this interdisciplinary training is collaboration across departments and colleges--for which a center like the Wireless Institute is ideal--and internships with industry and government partners.

Notre Dame's College of Engineering has a long-standing international reputation in wireless technology innovations fueled by its strong graduate engineering programs in this area.  The Wireless Institute is making these programs first-rate by collecting interested faculty, staff, and students; strengthening existing projects and developing larger interdisciplinary ones; reaching out to industry and government agencies; and thinking really big.  It is an exciting time to be in wireless, and especially at Notre Dame.

Graduate Student Posters
Graduate students discussing posters during a Wireless Institute demo day.
Engaging in the Wireless Institute is relatively simple. Scan our news items and publications. Share your interests and contact information. Catch a few seminars. Start a dialog with members of our team. Take one of our courses....