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Undergraduate Students

The Wireless Institute encourages current and prospective undergraduate students to explore its numerous opportunities.

Whether you are considering attending Notre Dame, or already a student here, there is a good chance that activities and programs offered through the Wireless Institute will intrigue you.

Undergraduates at the Whiteboard
Undergraduate students discussing the mathematical basis for their undergraduate research project.
Wireless is not only about the amazing technologies that make mobile smart phones and cellular base stations possible, but it is also about the economic and regulatory challenges of utilizing the wireless spectrum--a scarce resource--to enable wider broadband access and to address national needs in energy, healthcare, public safety, education, and government. The breadth of application of wireless technology in the developed world is staggering, and the impact of wireless technology in the developing world is transformative. We are convinced you can find opportunities to learn, innovate, and make a difference in this exciting area--not to mention build a successful career.

Notre Dame's College of Engineering has a long-standing international reputation in wireless technology innovations fueled by its strong graduate engineering programs in this area.  The Wireless Institute is making these programs first-rate by collecting interested faculty, staff, and students; strengthening existing projects and developing larger interdisciplinary ones; reaching out to industry and government agencies; and thinking really big.  It is an exciting time to be in wireless, and especially at Notre Dame.

Undergraduates at a Computer Terminal
Undergraduate students reviewing spectrum measurement data.
Engaging in the Wireless Institute is relatively simple. Scan our news items and publications. Attend a few seminars. Start a dialog with members of our team. Take one of our courses. Give undergraduate research a try. Stay for graduate studies....