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Riding the Waves of Innovation in a Connected World


11/22/2013 at 2:00PM


11/22/2013 at 3:00PM


131 DeBartolo Hall


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J Laneman

J Laneman

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Phone: 574-631-8034
Website: http://www.nd.edu/~jnl/
Office: 267 Fitzpatrick
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Wireless communication systems Information theory Software radio
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Over the past three decades we have been witness to a world transformed by the role of computers and connectivity. The emergence of personal computers, the Internet, cellular networks, feature phones, smart phones, app stores, smarter cars, and wearables continue to fundamentally transform our work and play. They have sometimes served to depersonalize communication while also providing us with instantaneous communication with loved ones separated by thousands of miles. Entire industries have emerged while others have been radically transformed by an ability to connect people to products and services through their computer, tablet, phone and even their watch. Steve will discuss his work in these areas from the perspective of a fresh Notre Dame Finance grad, an obsessed software developer, and finally through his work on various teams innovating some of these fundamental breakthroughs. He will describe his personal experiences in work on Internet technologies, the worlds' first smartphone, the first widely successful mobile platform and app store and more recent work on proximity technologies. He will also offer his personal perspective on leveraging innovation, teamwork, leadership and how to spot "the next big thing."

Seminar Speaker:

Steve Sprigg

Steve Sprigg

Qualcomm Labs, Inc.

Steve Sprigg is the Senior Vice President of Engineering for Qualcomm Labs, Inc. In this role Sprigg oversees technology creation and development and is heavily involved in efforts spanning several emerging market segments including proximity, the “Internet of Things,” education and safety. He is also heavily involved in employee innovation programs such as Qualcomm’s ImpaQt innovation program. Since joining Qualcomm more than 16 years ago, Sprigg has served in a number of software and engineering leadership positions. He was a lead engineer on one of the industry’s first smart phone platforms, co-inventor of the first broadly successful mobile application marketplace and co-creator and lead engineer responsible for the BREW operating system. Sprigg has more than 20 years of experience in mobile devices, embedded software, operating systems, networking, driver development and internet application suites. He also holds over 40 patents spanning user experience, protocols, operating systems and smartphone features such as “airplane mode.” Sprigg earned a bachelor's degree from The University of Notre Dame in 1987.