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Visual Analytics for Cell Phone Usage

Sprint invests $75,000 with Striegel. The research data from this network traffic pattern visualization that will be analyzed for trends and used to support the customers on Sprint’s network.

Investigator(s):  Aaron Striegel

Sponsor:  Sprint

Funding:  $75,000

Timeframe:  7/11 to 1/12

Abstract:  Sprint and The Wireless Institute begin a six-month joint research project this month to study consumer behavior on the Sprint 3G network. During this study, researchers will visualize traffic patterns on the network to study customer segmentation and busy hours at a cell site level. Among other things, they will also explore which handsets dominate the traffic at particular towers. The data from this large-scale visualization will then be analyzed for meaningful trends that can in turn be used to support the customers on Sprint’s network.

“Delving deep into the inner workings of network behavior will enable us to further predict usage trends,” said Bob Azzi, Sprint senior vice president, network. “With increased data demands driven by advanced devices and
applications, it’s vital for us to stay on top of these trends as part of our continual efforts to improve our customer experience.”