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Adaptive Space-Polarization MIMO Communications

ONR awards Pratt with $90,000 to conduct research that aspires to develop power-efficient communications modes and performance over current tactical radio systems.

Investigator(s):  Thomas Pratt

Sponsor:  Office of Naval Research

Funding:  $90,000

Timeframe:  5/11 to 9/12

Abstract:  The goal of the research is to develop power-efficient communications modes for expeditionary forces that achieve 2X to 4X improvements in the average bit-per-joule performance over current tactical radio systems. The technical approach employs a communications architecture consisting of spatially serarated dual-loarized antennas that can exploit polarimetric sensitivities of mutipath channels to achieve improved power efficiencies. the research consists of base task and subsequent optional phases that will assess the performance and implementation ifficacy of the technology. If successful, these efforts will lead to a follow-on proposed effort to integrate the technology into a development/demostration platform.