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Technical Reports

Recently published technical reports in reverse chronological order.


N. Shillingford and C. Poellabauer, “Multi-QoS Multipath Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks”, Technical Report: TR-2010-06, University of Notre Dame, August 2010. [PDF]


C. Miller and C. Poellabauer, “A Decentralized Approach to Minimum-Energy Broadcasting in Static Ad Hoc Networks”, Technical Report: TR-2009-02, University of Notre Dame, April 2009.

J. Yi, C. Poellabauer, X. S. Hu, T. Chantem, and L. Zhang, “Resource-Efficient Dynamic Channel Reservations for Real-Time Streams in Wireless Multihop Networks”, Technical Report: TR-2009-01, University of Notre Dame, April 2009.


J. Hemmes, D. Thain, and C. Poellabauer, “A Practical Approach to Cooperative Localization in GPS-Limited Urban Environments”, Technical Report: TR-2008-14, University of Notre Dame, October 2008.

D. Rajan, C. Poellabauer, X. S. Hu, L. Zhang, and K. Otten, “Channel Access Reservation Strategies for Wireless Real-time Systems”, Technical Report: TR-2008-04, University of Notre Dame, March 2008.

N. Shillingford and C. Poellabauer, “Configurable Routing in Ad-Hoc Networks”, Technical Report: TR-2008-03, University of Notre Dame, March 2008.


D. Salyers, A. Striegel, and C. Poellabauer, “Wireless Reliability: Rethinking 802.11 Packet Loss”, Technical Report: TR-2007-06, University of Notre Dame, November 2007.

J. Hemmes, D. Thain, C. Poellabauer, C. Moretti, P. Snowberger, and B. McNutt, “Lessons Learned Building TeamTrak: An Urban/Outdoor Mobile Ad Hoc Network Testbed”, Technical Report: TR-2007-02, University of Notre Dame, May 2007