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Coordinated Robots Through Wireless Communication

Dr. Lin
Principal Investigator: 

Dr. Lin, Department of Electrical Engineering 

Project Summary:

This REU project aims to develop a team of robotic systems that can accomplish complex team missions even in the face of uncertain and dynamic environments. Applications that motivate this project include, but not limited to, emergency response, future manufacturing systems, and service robots.
In this REU project, we will touch topics not only on hardware/software development but also on theoretical/algorithm design, such as communication-aware coordinated motion planning, task planning through formal methods, a counterexample-guided synthesis which combines logic inference with optimization.

Student's Role:

Develop algorithms to synthesize robust trajectories, and to adapt the trajectories during run-time to deal with unknown obstacles or other agents in the environment. Implement these algorithms in robots such as Pioneer 3AT/3DX and Baxter. Background/interest in optimization, embedded systems, control, algorithms, real-time programming. Preferred skills in MATLAB, C/C++, and Linux.