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Enhancing Shop Floor Operations with Wireless Wearable Computing Eyewear

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Billo, Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Also assisting will be Mr. Joel Neidig from ITAMCO a local manufacturing company located in Plymouth, Indiana.  

Project Summary: 

This project addresses the application of wireless wearable computing eyewear to revolutionize the modern shop floor by presenting manufacturing personnel with proper data to make decisions at the time and place needed. The vision is to provide computing eyewear such as Google Glass™ with communication tools that can provide information through smart displays where data can be presented through graphics as well as video and animations to provide important information quickly. 

Student's Role:

The student will communicate with company production management to identify a list of possible shop floor management operations important for daily production monitoring (work in progress monitoring, production order status, machine status, etc.), then prioritize the activities for automation with wireless computing eyewear. Students will learn the technical skills needed to retrieve data for the select applications (e.g., access MTConnect data from machinery, access gateways for cloud-stored data, retrieve data from ERP systems, etc.), pass needed data across WiFi, and develop the prototype application on an IPAD computer. The student will port the working app to computing eyewear, demonstrate to management, and make improvements as suggested by management. Programming skills are desirable, and the student will need transportation to and from ITAMCO, about thirty minutes from the Notre Dame campus.