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Integrated Task and Motion Planning for Robotic Systems

Dr. LinPrincipal Investigator: 

Dr. Lin, Department of Electrical Engineering 

Project Summary:

To develop a robotic system that will be able to accomplish high-level tasks specifications considering high-dimensional and nonlinear dynamics. The goal is to design autonomous robots for manipulation tasks which are able to work cooperatively in warehouses, housekeeping, and other robot assistant applications. In order to achieve this we need to develop algorithms to translate task requirements into low-level motion controllers. The main idea is to synthesize a robust control for a robotic system with tasks specified in Signal Temporal Logic.

Methods and Technologies:

Cyberphysical Systems, Formal Methods, Linear Temporal Logic, Reactive Synthesis, Satisfiability Modulo Theories (SMT), Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR), Lyapunov Theory, Matlab, C/C++, Linux.

Student's Role:

Develop algorithms to synthesize robust trajectories, and to adapt the trajectories during run-time to deal with unknown obstacles or other agents in the environment. Implement these algorithms in robots such as Pioneer 3AT/3DX and Baxter. Background/interest in optimization, embedded systems, control, algorithms, real-time programming. Preferred skills in MATLAB, C/C++, and Linux.