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Turbomachinery Sensing

Dr. PrattPrincipal Investigator:

Dr. Pratt, Department of Electrical Engineering

Project Summary:

This effort is a collaboration between aerospace and electrical engineering researchers. Topics associated with non-contact sensing of turbomachinery will be addressed. The research is expected to involve testing at state-of-the-art NDTL and possibly at industrial facilities. The undergraduate student will primarily support laboratory testing and data analysis for gas turbine health monitoring research. 

Student's Role:

Appropriate research tasks will be formulated for the student, depending on the project needs. One example involves working with aerospace and electrical engineers in experiments designed to sense and characterize dynamic responses from a spinning shaft at one of Notre Dame’s turbo facilities. The student would participate in data collections by the team of researchers and help to process data products associated with the analysis of the data. The student would prepare figures suitable for presentations and reports to help document the results of the research. Hence, strong analytical skills and interest in applied research are advantageous.