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WiFi Leaf Detection System

Dr. Striegel
Dr. Striegel
Principal Investigator: 

Dr. Striegel, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Project Summary:

For a significant portion of the US, a challenge that happens every fall is that of managing the pickup / handling of yard waste due to tree leaves. This is a particularly noteworthy problem for St. Joseph County where the University of Notre Dame is located. A major logistical challenge is how to deploy leaf pickup services so as to maximize the efficacy of pickup, i.e. it does little good to pick up leaves if there is minimally piled up leaves to pick up. The focus of this REU project will be to explore how we can leverage WiFi to potentially sense the level of leaves still on the trees versus on the ground by virtue of path loss from fixed as well as residential WiFi. This project will explore the extent to which one can fuse passive WiFi sensing from individuals (smartphone apps) and mobile sensors mounted on city vehicles.       

Student's Role:

The student's role will be to conduct experiments to gather / test various hypotheses with regards to WiFi signal strength impacts across the campus and local South Bend area. Efforts will focus on the development of data gathering using Raspberry Pi nodes and Android apps for broader distribution.