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The Fall 2017 BWAC Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meeting will be held October 26-27 at the University of Notre Dame Conference Center. The purpose of the meeting is to foster regular interactions and long-term relationships among the partners, prioritize cooperative research directions, and adapt research activities and student training to address market needs.

The theme for this Fall's meeting is Large Scale Experimental Wireless and is aligned with NSF's Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research (PAWR) program to develop research projects in the context of city-scale experimental wireless testbeds. Meeting objectives include:

  • Provide expert seminars on 'Large Scale Experimental Wireless'
  • Provide a forum to share updates on current research projects 
  • Facilitate further collaboration on multi-site projects solving complex challenges
  • Facilitate planning for center growth and Phase II transition
  • Poster session and student-led discussions

The Broadband Wireless Access and Applications Center (BWAC) is a multi-university research and development center connecting the wireless industry and government agencies with faculty and students at the University of Arizona (Lead), the Catholic University of America, University of Mississippi, University of Notre Dame and Virginia Tech. BWAC's priority research areas include Massive Spectrum, including Aggregation, Coexistence, and Millimeter Wave Systems, and Resilient Wireless Networking, including Security and Disaster Recovery.