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The Broadband Wireless Access and Applications Center (BWAC) is a $7.5M multi-university research and development center connecting wireless industry with faculty and students at the Notre Dame Wireless Institute, as well as the University of Arizona (Lead), Auburn University, Catholic University of America, University of Mississippi, and Virginia Tech.

Purpose and Scope

The purpose of BWAC is to foster regular interactions and long-term relationships among the partners, prioritize cooperative research directions, and adapt the research activities and student training to address market needs. The BWAC "site" at the ND Wireless Institute, denoted BWAC@NDWI, represents the main cooperative research program in wireless at Notre Dame.

Partner companies become members of the center through one or more university sites by signing the membership agreement, designating a representative to serve on the Center Industry Advisory Board (IAB), and contributing program funding of at least $50K / year over 5 years. Each site’s funding is pooled among its membership fees, investments from the National Science Foundation, and benefits from reduced overhead costs at the site university.

Example: A company commits to center membership through two university sites at funding levels of $100K and $50K per year, respectively. It can designate two representatives on the IAB and has a total of 1 vote per $50K membership, each with 10 points towards project proposal selection.

Notre Dame's Specialty: Crowded Wireless

The focus of BWAC and each site is determined by the IAB and the participating faculty at biannual meetings. The current area of focus for the Notre Dame Wireless Institute is "crowded wireless," which includes research into all facets of wireless technology such as crowded devices, crowded spectrum, and crowded venues. Specific projects include: heterogeneous networks, multiband radio frequency (RF) circuits, spectrum sharing, user and network analytics, and applications in healthcare and education.

Notre Dame's Industry Members

  • InterDigital
  • Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences
  • Nokia
  • Office of Naval Research