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Haenggi Wins IEEE Paper Award

Christine Broadbent Landaw • DATE: April 30, 2010

Haenggi Wins IEEE Paper Award

Martin Haenggi

Stochastic geometry is a relatively new field of applied probability that allows the uncertain locations of mobile communication devices, and the interference they generate, to be accurately but simply modeled using statistics. This has allowed new insight into the nature of sensor, ad hoc, femtocell, and whitespace networks, and is leading to novel design practices and communication protocols.

This paper, available at http://www.nd.edu/~mhaenggi/pubs/jsac09.pdf, was the first tutorial of its kind in the literature and was co-authored with four other international leaders on the theory and applications of stochastic geometry to wireless networks: Prof. Jeffrey Andrews of UT Austin, Prof. Francois Baccelli of ENS in Paris, Dr. Olivier Dousse of Nokia labs, and Prof. Massimo Franceschetti of UCSD. One award is given a year over all IEEE ComSoc journals and magazines.