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High-Frequency Characterization and Modeling of GaN Transistors

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Fay, Department of Electrical Engineering

Project Summary:

GaN-based transistors are increasingly attractive for applications across the microwave and millimeter-wave frequency range, including power amplifiers, low-noise amplifiers, switches for reconfigurable RF systems, and more. This project includes measuring the performance of several GaN transistor designs (including DC measurement, low-frequency AC, and high-frequency on-wafer characterization) and developing models suitable for computer-aided circuit design of these transistors from the measured characteristics. Comparisons of different models (e.g. ASM-HEMT, Angelov, etc.) and their respective abilities to capture key device performance features are included to evaluate the suitability of the models for different circuit applications.

Student’s Role:

The student will also be instrumental in using the collected data to extract the model parameters for the selected transistor model, and comparing the model’s projected performance against the measured results. Preparing a design kit, including documenting the model’s strengths and weaknesses, is also included.