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Non-Contact Health Monitoring

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Pratt, Department of Electrical Engineering

Project Summary:

Notre Dame is involved in the development of sensing concepts for non-contact monitoring to help characterize the health status of heart patients in a home environment. Sensing concepts will be assessed experimentally using software-defined radar platforms under an approved protocol for testing human subjects. The research is expected to involve algorithm development, the conduct of experiments, data analysis, and graphical user interface development. The student will have opportunities to contribute to various facets of the research, including tests, data analyses, software development, and documentation.

Student’s Role:

Research opportunities for the undergraduate student will involve one or more topics associated with non-contact sensing, including the development of software tools associated with sensing experiments, analysis of data collection outputs, and presentation of processing products. The undergraduate students may also participate in literature surveys, modeling, and simulation (in Matlab), laboratory experimentation, and data analysis. The student is expected to provide research products in the form of functional GUI’s, PPT slides, and weekly status reports. The undergraduate students will work on a small team of researchers that includes the PI, research engineers, and graduate students. The student will gain exposure to RF-based sensing concepts as well as to software-defined radio equipment that will be utilized in the experiments.