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Radar Signal Processing and Data Analysis

Project Summary:

Notre Dame is involved in the development and implementation of target detection and identification concepts for radar applications. Evaluation of these concepts will be assessed experimentally using software-defined radar platforms. The research for the undergraduate student is expected to involve participation in experiments to evaluate one or more radar concepts, depending on project needs. The student will have opportunities to contribute to various facets of the research, including field tests, data analyses, and documentation.

Student’s Role:

Research opportunities for the undergraduate student will involve one or more topics associated with radar, including advanced radar architectures, distributed radar systems, and novel target characterizations. The undergraduate students will participate in radar literature surveys, radar subsystem implementations (in Matlab), field experimentation, and data analysis. The student is expected to provide research products in the form of slides and weekly status reports. The undergraduate students will work on a team 4 of researchers that includes the PI, research engineers, and graduate students. The student will gain exposure to radar concepts as well as to state-of-the-art equipment, including a software-defined radios, a custom $700K multi-antenna transceiver system, and two 9-ton field research vehicles that are used in experimentation.