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Senior Hardware Engineer

This position is with the Wireless Institute at the University of Notre Dame. It, therefore, has broad exposure to a diverse range of sponsors, including the Office of Naval Research, the Army Research Laboratory, DARPA, the National Science Foundation, and a host of commercial and industrial collaborators. The Wireless Institute is also the recent recipient of a five-year $25M Spectrum Innovation Initiative grant and therefore has national visibility as a center for wireless communications research.This position involves designing, developing, and measuring mixed-signal analog, radio-frequency, and digital wireless communication circuits operating up to the millimeter-wave bands (60 GHz). Experience with board-level circuits and design of GHz radio-frequency electronics is required. The ideal candidate has a mixed-signal background and can navigate the world of field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA’s) and high-frequency analog design for signal integrity in communication transceivers. Learn more about this position at: Senior Hardware Engineer.

Millimeter-Wave Circuit/Antenna Test Engineer

Be part of a once-in-a-generation opportunity to advance microelectronics and semiconductor technology and accelerate the transition of technical innovations to prototypes and manufacturing. The University of Notre Dame is supporting the Microelectronics Commons, a new federal program, launched in the fall of 2023. The Commons is a national network of universities and industries, coordinated to enable lab-to-fab chip prototypes for defense and commercial applications and bridge the technical divide between proof-of-concept demonstrations and manufacturing. The Millimeter-Wave Circuit/Antenna Test Engineer will work in a newly established test lab. The test engineer will be responsible for the preparation, operation, and routine maintenance of instrumentation in the facility. Learn more about this position at: Millimeter-Wave Circuit/Antenna Test Engineer

Notre Dame celebrated a 125 years of Wirelees Innovationa, and working toward a vibrant future for all.

April 19, 2024


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