The Frontier of Wireless Research

Notre Dame Wireless Institute (NDWI) is a leading academic research and development center focused on advancing wireless technology integrated with economics and regulatory policy.


The Wireless Institute's team of faculty and staff cover a broad range of expertise including multiple antennas and RF coupling; low power and low complexity radio frequency (RF) circuits and devices; dynamic spectrum sharing and distributed sensing; software defined radio communications; wireless standards; signal processing and error control coding; network modeling, network characterization, protocols, optimization, and mobile applications; coherent MIMO; SAR and electromagnetic exposure; millimeter wave wireless; drone communications. Expertise in economics and regulatory policy for the wireless arena strengthens our technology core.


Finally, the Wireless Institute is bringing all this unique expertise and vast deployment experience together by building a city-scale wireless testbed in partnership with the City of South Bend, Indiana; this groundbreaking project is SBXG: A Platform for Advanced Wireless Research.