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REU Professional Development – IDEA Center

June 22, 2021 at 6:00 pm
Innovation Park (1400 E Angela Blvd, across from Compton Ice Arena)

The IDEA Center is the University of Notre Dame’s collaborative innovation hub dedicated to expanding the technological and societal impact of the University’s innovations. We do this by nurturing and facilitating the movement of the best ideas of faculty, staff, and students from discovery to commercial application.

The Center provides the necessary space, services, and expertise for idea development, commercialization, business formation, prototyping, entrepreneurial education, and student entrepreneurial efforts.

The Center is open to any University researcher and student with an idea they want to commercialize.

This event provides a unique opportunity for you to visit the IDEA Center and learn about its various programs and services, as well as learn about the ESTEEM Graduate Program. If you’d like to hear how research goes from the lab to the marketplace, becoming a product or service that changes lives, this event is for you!

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