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Gupta Included In Top 10 Most Cited Articles


A paper co-authored by Electrical Engineering Assistant Professor, Vijay Gupta, has been included in the Top 10 Most cited articles over the last 5 years for the journal Systems & Control Letters. In his paper titled “Optimal LQG Control Across Packet-dropping Links” that appeared in the June 2007 issue of the journal, he and his collaborators proposed a new architecture for controlling a system across wireless communication channels. They examined two special cases of the classical linear quadratic Gaussian (LQG) control of a system across a channel that drops packets transmitted across it randomly. The novelty of the approach was to pose the problem as a joint information transmission and control problem, which went contrary to the existing paradigm in the field. The solution that they obtained was optimal and appealing from a practical implementation viewpoint. Moreover, the architecture that they proposed has now been widely used in more general problem setups as well.

Systems & Control Letters aims at rapid dissemination of contributions in all aspects of the field of systems and control by publishing approximately 150-200 papers every year. Mathematically oriented papers having a clear relevance to systems and control as well as papers describing specific applications in engineering, economics, the physical sciences, signal processing, and so forth are accepted.