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Help Build WI


The mission of this Institute will be to help close the “spectrum gap” (see FCC chairman’s definition) caused by the explosive growth of smartphones and the inability of current network technology and regulatory policy to provide enough radio spectrum for such growth. Unlocking spectrum is a key challenge for important problems such as next-generation networks, rural broadband, smart grid, and interoperable public safety communications, among others. Enabling technologies such as mesh and ad hoc networks, cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access, and software radio will be important parts of the solutions and are areas of considerable strength at Notre Dame.  In addition, we believe it will be critical to tightly integrate the study of issues in the social sciences, such as economics, regulatory policy, and social networks aspects.

Tackling these challenges will require a broad range of expertise pooled from within the University as well as the broader community. If you or someone you know finds the above directions intriguing, we want to hear from you. Contact J. Nicholas Laneman, Assoc. Prof., Department of Electrical Engineering.