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Intro Wireless Course 2G

Intro Wireless Course 2G


This survey-style course offers an opportunity to gain a basic 

understanding of the technical, regulatory, and economic aspects

of the wireless revolution and its impact on society. It is intended 

for both engineering and non-engineering students. The course 

will include such topics as the representation, transmission and

reception of information in electrical form, the physical properties 

of radio signals and other wireless media, the technical and 

regulatory challenges of sharing a common medium, as well as 

the social and commercial implications of wireless communications.


Meetings: Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00-4:15 – Room 117- Hayes Healy

Class time will include a mix of:

  • Lectures on scientific/technical matter
  • Homework
  • Enhancement lectures on selected topics
  • Experiments and demonstrations
  • Student presentations
  • Invited speakers from the communications industry, academia, regulatory, legal, medical and investment professions


  • Participation 40%
  • Midterm 20%
  • Paper/Presentation 40%


J. Nicholas Laneman, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering

267 Fitzpatrick Hall of Engineering

Tel: 574.631.8034


Barry Keating, Professor, Finance

226 Mendoza College of Business

Tel: 574.631.9127Email: