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NDRS celebrating International Marconi Day


International Marconi Day celebrates the career of Italian wireless communications pioneer Guglielmo Marconi. He successfully transmitted messages without the aid of wire. He went on to send wireless signals over land and eventually over water. In 1933 Marconi was presented with an honorary degree from the University of Notre Dame by University President Emeritus Fr. John F. O’Hara.

NDRS will be operating on the Jerome Green radio station (ND1U) on this special day. In 1899 Notre Dame professor of Telegraphy Jerome Green sent the first “long distance” wireless signal in America with a self-built transmitter from atop a Notre Dame flagpole (which later would sit atop the Basilica of the Sacred Heart) to a receiver perched on Saint Mary’s clock tower a mile away.

The NDRS will use HAM radio to transmit and receive messages with other operators participating in International Marconi Day. “On this day we honor Marconi along with Jerome Green and the university for their roles in advancing wireless communication,” said Clint Manning, Treasurer of NDRS.