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The Civic Side of Wireless


On Tuesday, March 20, from 3:30-4:30 pm., in 202 McKenna Hall, the Wireless Institute is hosting a panel discussion titled, The Civic Side of Wireless. A reception will follow from 4:30-5:30 pm. Everyone’s smartphone speaks LTE and WiFi to enable thousands of compelling mobile applications. Thus, creating some challenges in this space. Panelists John Clarey, Anne Hayes, and Gene Crusie will address some of these challenges. 

  • What does it take in terms of infrastructure and partnerships to allow wireless network deployments to keep pace?
  • What technological, economic, and regulatory hurdles need to be addressed?
  • And what role can communities, enterprises, and universities pay in this space?

John Clarey is a Founder and the CEO and Chairman of 5 Bars, which is now part of XG Communities LLC. XG Communities provides cities with expertise and resources to deploy intelligent wireless infrastructure. He previously founded TeleCore and serves on the board of directors of several other companies. 

John is a graduate of OPM Harvard Business School and attended the University of Arizona Eller School of Business as well as served on its Presidential Leadership Board. 

Anne Hayes serves as President and Director of Business Development for Hayes Towers. Hayes Towers builds, owns, and operates telecommunication towers throughout the Midwest. She builds and maintains relationships with clients and is involved with all aspects of tower development, from initial site acquisition to management and operation of completed towers. 

Anne is a Double Domer, having graduated from the University of Notre Dame with her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees.

Gene Crusie is currently President of four Indiana-based companies – Surf Air Wireless, MapleNet Wireless, MNW Telecom, and Commercial Broadband Solutions – and serves on the board of advisors for Singer Executive Development. His efforts have successfully built and launched dozens of wireless internet service providers (WISPs) throughout the US and abroad, and through his leadership, he or his companies have earned several awards. 

Gene is a graduate of Goshen College and Purdue University.