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Thomas Pratt

Research Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Office268 Fitzpatrick Hall

Professor Pratt has a particular interest in multi-port and dual-polarized communications and sensing architectures and their application to detection, interference avoidance and suppression, sensing, and diversity and capacity enhancement. His recent research has included MIMO channel modeling associated with linear arrays and dual-polarized architectures, polarimetric sensing of communications signals, co-site interference suppression, distributed aperture processing concepts for MIMO radar, and adaptive transmission concepts for wireless systems.

He has experience with a number of wireless standards, including WLAN 802.11a/b/g, WiMax, GSM, and 3G (to varying degrees). He was co-author on a best paper at ICC 08 (dealing with mobile-to-mobile channel modeling) and gave a keynote address on multiport architectures at the WAVE 2008 conference in Dearborn, MI. He holds a patent on signal processing for GSM receivers and has two patents pending associated with multi-port adaptive transmission and interference suppression algorithms respectively. He has authored or coauthored over 100 reports and publications and is a member of the IEEE.