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The Wireless Institute (WI) is an institute within the prestigious College of Engineering at the University of Notre Dame. The Wireless Institute was established in January 2010 to leverage Notre Dame’s extensive experience, tackle important interdisciplinary problems, and broaden the University’s impact on the world. WI engages faculty from the departments of electrical engineering, computer science and engineering, sociology, law and finance.


Areas of Expertise

  • Crowded Spectrum: Dynamic Spectrum Sharing and Distributed Sensing
  • Crowded Devices: Low Power and Low Complexity RF Circuits and RF Coupling
  • Crowded Venues: City-scale and campus-wide testbed
  • Software Defined Radio Communication: algorithms and protocols
  • Network modeling and characterization
  • Drone Communications


Personnel & Facilities

  • 5 Core and 9 Affiliated faculty members (EE, CSE, Finance, Sociology)
  • 35 Graduate Students
  • 3 full-time staff (Communications Engineer, Senior Research Software Engineer, and Administrator)
  • $2M/year in research expenditures
  • Over 5,200 sq ft. of laboratory space and two Field Research Vehicles
  • Over $6.3M in equipment



  • 350 years of research experience
  • 1,500 publications, 18 books
  • 17,500 citations
  • 5 IEEE/ACM paper awards
  • Extensive Industry experience
  • Multiple contributions to wireless standards, e.g., 3G, 4G (WiMAX, LTE)
  • 22 recent patents