HCI design and evaluation methods – ND Wireless Institute
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S. M. Mattingly, J. M. Gregg, P. Audia, A. E. Bayraktaroglu, A.T. Campbell, N. V.Chawla, V. Das Swain, M. De Choudhury, S. K. D'Mello, A. K.Dey, G. Gao, K. Jagannath, K. Jiang, S. Lin, Q. Liu, G. Mark, G. J. Martinez, K. Masaba, S. Mirjafari, E. Moskal, R. Mulukutla, K. Nies, M. D. Reddy, P. Robles-Granda, K. Saha, A. Sirigiri, A. Striegel, "The Tesserae Project: Large-Scale, Longitudinal, In Situ, Multimodal Sensing of Information Workers" Extended Abstracts of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, May. 2019 May. 2019