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Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Degree

An applicant for admission to the graduate programs in electrical engineering must hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from an accredited US college or university, or from a foreign institution of acceptable standing. The applicant should have at least a ‘B’ average in his or her most recent years of academic work.

Most applicants to this department have undergraduate degrees in electrical engineering. However, it has been our experience that individuals with degrees in computer engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, chemistry and related scientific and technical areas are able to complete a graduate program in electrical engineering. Applications from such individuals are encouraged, with the observation that such students often are required to complete some undergraduate courses to gain an adequate background in electrical engineering. Such requirements are dealt with on an individual basis.

Priority on Ph.D. Applicants

The Department’s emphasis is on the Ph.D. program, so we typically offer financial aid only to students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. In your application, please choose the Ph.D. program if you wish to pursue a Ph.D. A Master’s degree can be earned on the path to the Ph.D., but is not required.  We typically admit very few, if any, students who only want to pursue a Master’s degree.


All applicants are encouraged to take the General Test (verbal, quantitative, and analytical) of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) but it is OPTIONAL for the 2021 application season. The tests are given at regularly specified dates. For more specific information concerning this test, please visit

International student applicants are required to provide test results for one of the following exams:

Applicants should request that all examination results be forwarded to:

University of Notre Dame
Office of Graduate Admissions
110 Bond Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Application Deadline

All materials should be uploaded to your online application prior to submission no later than November 1 for spring admission and December 15 for fall admission. Offers of admission and financial aid may be made in advance of that date if the application is complete.

An application fee of $75 is required of all applicants and payable to the University of Notre Dame.

Much more information about application requirements as well as the online application process is available at