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Student Spotlights

Karla Gonzalez-Serrano

5th year studying nanobiotechnology with the NDnano group, advised by Professor Alan Seabaugh
“At NDEE I’ve connected with many people across ranks and disciplines who generously and enthusiastically share their time and knowledge. Their collaborative and inclusive spirit fosters scientific advancement while also celebrating diversity. This close-knit community has afforded me several good friendships with peers from around the world.”

John Haug

2nd year researching plasmonics and optical antennas with the Nanophotonics group, advised by Professor Anthony Hoffman
“In my grad school decision process, having an advisor that I connected with and felt would support my abilities, as both a student and a rising researcher, was critical. I chose to accept NDEE’s offer because I found that both my advisor and the academic environment here were very welcoming and fostered a sense of open collaboration. In addition, it’s hard to beat the low cost of living in South Bend. You don’t have to worry about having enough money to survive comfortably and financially through grad school.”

Ola Salahaddin Alfahal Abdalsalam

3rd year researching and developing a new structured interrogation technique for frequency-domain diffuse optical imaging, in the Biophotonics Lab with Professors Thomas O’Sullivan and Scott Howard
“What I appreciate about NDEE is the diverse research and expertise that faculty and staff bring to the table. This, paired with the supportive educational environment of the department, as well as state-of-the-art, well-maintained facilities, contributes to the academic growth of NDEE graduate students.”

Nayara Aguiar

4th year researching electricity markets in the presence of intermittent renewable generation, advised by Professor Vijay Gupta
“NDEE’s generous stipends coupled with South Bend’s low cost of living allows us to live comfortably as graduate students. Further, fellowships such as mine and professional development grants are widely available. For both internal and external opportunities, we can work closely with the Office of Grants and Fellowships to ensure our application stands out, so that we maximize our chances of success.”

Mike McConnell

Recent graduate, researched resonant MEMS structures, nanothermalcouples and CMOS reversible computing in the IC Fabrication Lab, advised by Professors Alexei Orlov and Greg Snider
“What has consistently stood out to me about NDEE’s graduate program is the faculty and the facilities. Our faculty are expert researchers but are also friendly and collegial. They go to extraordinary lengths for the well-being of their students. On top of that, the facilities and equipment are excellent and maintained by a full-time staff of great technicians who bring a wealth of industry experience to the lab. That translates to a great research environment.”

Nayara Aguiar

Recent graduate, researched cryogenics in the Cryogenics Lab, advised by Professors Greg Snider and Alexei Orlov
“NDEE’s generous stipends coupled with South Bend’s cost of living made it possible for my wife–working toward a nursing degree–and I to both be in school. That’s a pretty powerful blessing. Being a part of a world-class education center, with all the research equipment, collaborations and recognition that goes along with it, has made my experience here top-notch.”