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Jonathan Chisum

Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Office269 Fitzpatrick Hall

Professor Chisum’s main research interest is in millimeter-wave circuits and antennas for wideband wireless communications systems. He is interested in maximizing RF performance metrics of efficiency and linearity in amplifiers, beamforming arrays, and overall transceivers. Dr. Chisum is interested in high fidelity instrumentation design in the pursuit of high-frequency circuits. His Ph.D. thesis work was in low-noise instrumentation for near-field microwave microscopy and THz imaging systems. He is also interested in non-Foster’s circuits for impedance matching high power electrically small antennas. Prior to joining Notre Dame, he was at MIT Lincoln Laboratory in the Wideband Tactical Networking group where he prototyped highly linear, wideband, millimeter-wave circuits and arrays for EW applications (sponsored by ONR).


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